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[Release] JKZ — GTAV External Mod Menu v9.1.0 [VIP Edition] Preview + VIP-DL-Link
Here is my External Mod - v9 [VIP Edition]

This mod menu will be updated after an online patch within 24 hours, guaranteed.
If any features could not be remade within the time limit, we'll gradually implement them again.

I am continuously working for more options, but I do have limited time available.

I wish you all the best, and thanks for the help.

-> Get/Gift or Renew VIP HERE <-

100% Free of Viruses, Malware, Keyloggers and whatever, i dont need that.
*It can give a false positive av result by additional encryption of my source-code. Check self with Jotti and co. its not a virus.
100% No Natives, Injections or Scripthook things!
Note: This Mod Menu uses the Forum-API to login to the mod and verify login data at the same time.
You can edit the password (ext. password = menu password) here:

NOTE: All Cash and RP Changers are as safe as your social gameplay!
Only use the Cash Modifier with the same mission I use in my tutorial!
Don't use Cash or RP Modifier in a public lobby.
Images and Video Content Representing JKZ Mod Menu

\/ Tutorial: Use Cash and RP Modifiers SAFELY! \/
Read The Additional Post: Use Cash and RP Modifiers SAFE!

Support Section:

Mod Compatibility:
- GTAV: Online Version 1.44 | Story Version 1493.0

How to USE:
  1.  First Start GTAV as Administrator.
  2.  Load your game into story mode and wait for it to be fully loaded. (Mostly not required, work all the time, you can go online, play 30 mins and start the mod, work too or if you have issues, start the Story mode first.).
  3.  When you are able to move your character, start the JKZ Mod as Administrator.
  4.  Make use of the Name/Crew tag changer. Doing this will keep you unbannable!
  5.  Don't hack nearby enemy players as this could trigger too many reports!
New Fixes and Features 11/11/18 ~ v9:
- Source-Added: Custom Head Bar, with implementing this you also now can move the MessageBox Window too.
- Source-Changed: Closing bug, somtimes the mod will close visible but working in background and you not able to restart him bevor you kill him in the taskmanager, this is fixed now. If the mod not visible at the taskbar he is no longer active!
- Source-Fix: Improve some Mod-Sided lags...
- Source-Fix: Add Protection-Rule (Menu will minimized and sunspend handlings and interactions to prevent game crashes if a source is invalid or unavailable if you DIE, Switch lobby and other special situations) from MainThread-Features into the MultiThreaded-Features to fix Crashes from options like Special Ammo and others.

- Online Added: Cash by the way (OFF | 10K/10s | 750K/30s)
- Online Added: NightClub Tresor (OFF | 5M/daylie) means all daylie recipts are 5M
- Online Added: NightClub Exports (OFF | 5M/Each | 5M/AIO) 5M/Each = Each Produkt you can sell for 5M dont all at once and 5M/AIO = Sell all Products at once for 5M.
- Online Changed: Set 120K Imp-Race GIFT Finish Line Spin Radius to fixed 8 Yards (around you)
- Online Changed: Colored name now only change the value for the needed namesource that shows it, that will remove the color-code that will show on intives (~x~) and not show the color...
- Online Changed: RP-Modifiers max Value are increased little bit for a Community Member request ;-) Have Fun!
- Online Rebuilded: Anti-Attach, now working again with the different, you only visible teleport to the Anti Attach aera and not static, after you drops out you will visible teleport back to your static position. At this time you are freezed to prevent bugs. With vehicle also possible to use.

- Player Rebuilded: Car-Crasher, now you can random crash cars in the world (they will drop little bit money Tongue) or attach the vehicles onto the waypoint and all cars explode there. Remote Kill Tongue

- Teleport Added: Semi TP all Players to Custom Location Hash for Lobby Killing with rocket/minigun rockets or whatever. That will show you, i also can kill the lobby without natives and this is fully safe.
(to use the option you need to put the Getted Custom Location Hash into the Type Custom Location Hash field, same for TP to Custom Location Hash, then enable this option)

- Online Added: 120K Imp-Race GIFT Finish Line Spin Radius

- Weapon Added: Minigun Rocket Bullets (Turn on No-Reload)!

- Player Fix: No-Reload!
- Player Fix: Super Kick/Punch
- Player Fix: Super Jump
- Weapon Fix: Weapon Config (Reload Speed) Save/Load

- Source Update: GTA Online Version 1.44 + GTA Story Version
- Source Fix: 120K Impromptu Race GIFT

- Weapon Added: Reload Speed (26te modifier)

Existing Features:

- JKZ Deamon: Controll some options via the WebUI!

- Source: Autoupdater! If Updatefile Serverside exist and New Version is available, the New Version will Download and Start Automaticly.
​- Source: Login based on Login-API by, you can edit your Ext. Password in your profile to Login into the Mod Menu. (With Save/Auto Login)
- Source: Info Box
- Source: No-Reload Fix (Only turn on or off if you can move AND dont show the InGame Menus) or a error will popup, click next.
- Source: Gravity Numpad Keys if menu Minimized.
- Source: Keep up Values now keep up the Orange values and Put his Value into the Chnaged values if it not same.
- Source: If you open the Weapon or Vehicle Menu, it will put the Orange Values into the Changed Values if it not same.
- Source: Multicore Task (The mod menu will no longer lag and the performance is higher).
- Source: Binded to your Firsttime used GTAV-Account (You can bind more if you want)
- Source: Infomessages can turn On/Off
- Source: Fully Custom AES Encrypted transmition of Data between The Forum and Your Running Mod Menu...
- Source: JKZ-Deamon Menu will Show in the Taskbar now (You need to Port-Forward Port 666 TCP in Your Router onto Your Internal-IP from Your PC to make sure the WebUI can connect to the JKZ-Deamon - How to on WebUI Enterpage.)!
- Source: JKZ-Deamon Freezer-Modul to check the Enabled Options all 5 Seconds for correct Value.
- Source: JKZ-Deamon WebUI-Source-Updater (You can Check for Updates anytime or all 30mins will it check automaticly).

- Online: NameChanger (Colored or Basic) + Colored Names
- Online: Off The Radar
- Online: RP-Increaser
- Online: Anti Attach - Beta.
- Online: Cash Script (Look Tutorial)
- Online: RP Script (Look Tutorial)
- Online: 10K Shop/Store Robber Script. (Activate, Go into a Shop, Shoot at the Cash Register, get the Money Tongue... Go out, Go to the other side of the street, go back to the shop and Tongue
- Online: 120K SOLO Impropmtu Races
- Online: Anti Idle-Kick (After 2 mins, you will see 2mins left befor kicked by idling, this is changed to 14998 mins left...).
- Online: Anti Kick-Vote (Will often prevent any Kick-Vote vs. You).
- Online Settings: Keep up Values (Player and Weapon Modifiers setted values).
- Online Settings: Auto Race TP Interval (ms).
- Online Settings: Adjust the Refreshrate of the Special Ammo Script. If the Mod Menu is lagging, adjust the value higher...

- Player: God Mode, Instand Refill and Refill at Idle. (you will earn back lost Life smothly but instakill is instakill...)
- Player: No-Ragdoll
- Player: Anti Grafity Punch
- Player: Anti Grafity Kick
- Player: Fast Run
- Player: Fast Swim
- Player: No-Cops
- Player: Super Jump
- Player: Vehicle-Crasher
- Player: Walk on Air
- Player: No-Reload
- Player: Damage Modifier
- Player: Run Speed Modifier
- Player: Swim Speed Modifier
- Player: Max Life Modifier.

- Weapon: Explosive Ammo, Fire Ammo, Explosive Meele and about 30 Modifiers.
- Weapon: Config Manager. (You can Save/Delete/Load your custom Weapon Modifier Profile by custom name.)

- Vehicle: God Mode (also Special Vehicles like ramp buggy will not destroy.), Voltic Boost Freezer and about 40 Modifiers.
- Vehicle: GodMode for Vehicle now have a needed spec, now the cars like ramp-buggy not longer destroy by damaged.
- Vehicle: Config Manager. (You can Save/Delete/Load your custom Vehicle Modifier Profile by custom name.)

- Teleport: Undo Teleports by TP to available Waypoints
- Teleport: Teleport to available Waypoint + Testings TP Waypoints
- Teleport: Set Priority for Teleport to available Waypints
- Teleport: Enable/Desable Teleport to available Waypoints.
- Teleport: Auto Race TP (will Teleport you to the checkpoints in a race)- Beta, No risks, only not 100% succefull working i want ;-).
- Teleport: Community Teleport Location (ComTPL) & ComTPL-Manager. (The Community -YOU- can add new Location to the Public list and all are able to use it and you can vote for it to vote out buggy locations...)
- Teleport ComTPL: Select ComTPL.
- Teleport ComTPL: TP to selected ComTPL.
- Teleport ComTPL: Get Current Location for ComTPL-Manager or Privat things.
- Teleport ComTPL: TP to Custom Location like Get Current Location from ComTPL.
- Teleport ComTPL: View Your Version.
- Teleport ComTPL: View Current ComTPL Version.
- Teleport ComTPL: Open ComTPL Manager.
- Teleport ComTPL: Refresh ComTPL-List.


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