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[Info] JKZ Mod in the future!
Hello everybody, 

I have currently too much work in real life, I can program all I want, but almost never have spare time.

You should know I always try my best!

I need time to write all things perfectly and without bugs. You want faster releases of new features? I can't handle this at the moment.

I will finish the JKZ menu v3.5.0 for VIPs with a few more features, and then release a version (free) for everyone without server-sided (API) features, to prevent stealing etc.

I hope you understand that I can't release it all for free - too many people want to steal my hard work!

No more questions about next releases, features etc. please - I want to release a full, fixed version like v3.4.0 with v3.5.0.

My menu is working without natives and is as good as undetecteble, natives are in-game rules and 100% logged by RS-Servers.

With my tool, you can only earn a ban if you get reported by other players. Don't show that you're cheating; you are risking a ban.

I hope you can all understand. I don't want to stop all this, I want to present my skills with programming.

I can write stuff for more than one Game (GTA:V) - I have my base written for Black Ops 3 (Multiplayer, Zombies, Single Player) - weapons, instakill every time etc. and other games...

But the support for all this is lacking. I don't have the time lol, but these tools are the same good shit like GTA:V JKZ Mod.
I hope you all have patience with me; if I had more time, (it is one day only) I could've done more. The hours I spent working on things I do for you, not for myself!

I dont write features you 100% earn a ban for. They're meaningless and raises the bar to be detectable.


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